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Big Boy Bed

Dear Victor,

For over a week now, you've been going to sleep in your own big boy bed. You just up and decided you were ready to sleep in your bed after we moved to our new apartment in Concord.

You kept asking us to put your bed together right after we moved, but it took us a little while to get that done because we had so many boxes everywhere!

As soon as we cleared out enough space, we put the bed together and you've been curling up to sleep in here ever since. You love having your very own spot, but you still want us to be close when you're going to sleep, holding your hand or cuddling up with you until you drop off.

This is a big milestone for you - you've shared Mommy and Daddy's bed for a long time, but now you're moving on and growing up. We miss your cuddles in the middle of the night, though we don't miss the kicks in the head.

We're so proud of you for deciding to do this by yourself.


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