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Three and a Half

Dear Victor,

I've been rather lax in writing to you here, but you've passed your half-birthday and are cruising in on four rather more rapidly perhaps than I'd like! You continue to grow like a weed, at your last doctor's appointment, which was sadly, a sick appointment, you weighed 37.5lbs and were just a hair shy of 42 inches tall.

It's been non-stop excitement around here, between the arrival of your little brother, which you've handled like a champ and other not-so-fun things. So sweet and loving you've been with this new little baby who takes up so much of Mommy's time now. "MY Julien" you tell me frequently, and sling an arm around him protectively and fondly. You don't like his crying very much and try to soothe him as best you can, though sometimes you get a little carried away, a little too rough with trying to make him feel better. You're learning though, how to handle an itty bitty baby and the lack of sibling rivalry has been one less stress for your Mommy and Daddy to deal with.

This Fall has been an endless round of evaluations and appointments scheduled to try to understand some problems you've been having, largely at school. Your teacher was very sure that you have ADD, so we scheduled you first for a hearing test to make sure your hearing was okay, then a behavioral evaluation during which the behaviorist determined that you have a speech delay and then a speech assessment, which turned up a speech and language processing delay of a year. The latest development there is that our insurance won't cover your therapy, so we have to do another assessment with the school district and get your case assigned to a school district therapist. Thankfully, they turned your paperwork around quickly and you are scheduled for your school district assessment on December 8th!

This month you started asking to sleep in your own bed, and you've been spending most nights sleeping in your own room, with the odd trip back into our room, especially as you've been sick. You've also started sleeping through the night dry, consistently, putting an end to potty training.

You're a big boy all of a sudden, with big boy pursuits and interests, a pre-schooler on the brink of being ready for school days and sports teams all the other things that come with being a kid instead of a baby or a toddler.

How far you've come, my sweet boy, and how far still yet to go.

I love you,


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