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Saturday, May 18, 2002

Ok folks, as promised, new site and new design.

All About Munchkin is hereby archived -- no new updates will appear here. Please update your bookmarks and move on over to Dear Victor.

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We had another rough night last night. Vic was really sleepy all afternoon and didn't wake up for his 8:30 feeding so Mom woke him by changing him at 9:30. Turns out he REALLY didn't like that -- it put him all 'off' for the rest of the night. He still woke up at 11:30 for that feeding and then was really confused about trying to eat when he didn't feel as hungry as he usually would. I had a really hard time getting him to latch on and started crying because I was so tired and out of it myself and had a sleep deprivation headache.

Sabs came in and took one look at the situation and sat down to help. He wiped me up because my milk was leaking all over the place and making my breast too slick for Vic to latch on properly. He cuddled Vic for a little bit while I pulled myself together and we managed to get the baby to eat a little. Then Vic woke up again hungry around 1am. I fed him again, but he wouldn't settle down afterward -- he didn't seem to like being in his Snuggle Nest where he couldn't see or feel us.

At that point I was so out of it that I was barely registering what Sabs was saying to me. I remember answering some questions in a muddled way before basically passing out. Sabs took Vic and walked him and sang and talked to him and finally tossed the Nest out of the bed and curled him up in his arms until he finally dropped off. When I woke up, around 5:30, the two of them were curled into each other like two commas on a page. It was absolutely adorable. I got up, took a Tylenol, washed my face, grabbed a snack and a drink and then curled back up into bed and just watched the two of them sleep until Vic started to fuss for his 5:30 feeding. I got him back down by 6:15 and then started to conk out again, but Sabs woke up and started asking more questions.

In a fit of pique, I snapped at him: something about shutting up because I was just trying to get back to sleep. I don't remember much after that until Vic's next feeding around 9something. Sabs brought me breakfast in bed then and I apologized for snapping at him and he apologized for snapping at me, which apparently happened sometime in that midnight to 1am window. Vic's back on his 'schedule' now, including a *gasp* bottle which he gulped down around 1:30pm.

He fell so deeply asleep after the first breast at his 1pm feeding that I couldn't wake him up for number two. So I tried out the Medela breast pump that we bought used from a very nice lady in North Berkeley. I got just under 2 ounces in less than 10 minutes and put it in the fridge. When Vic woke up around 1:30, Sabs gave it to him and he took to the bottle like a fish to water. Another worry to lay aside: Vic apparently won't have any trouble taking bottles from Dad. In fact he seemed very happy to and slugged that puppy down in no time flat and promptly zonked a little, curling up in a quiet-alert and quiet-sleepy state, alternately until he made a big ole poopy diaper.

He's asleep in the sling in my arms now after getting changed and having two stories read to him and a song sung.

Mom's gone out to have fun with Cindy and Sabs and I are just sort of sitting here being bums, though we did get to see my friend Jennifer for a few minutes when she came over at 1. She helped Sabs put the pump together, which was very amusing to hear/watch. Lemme tell ya, breast pumping the first time is a hilarious experience, but one that can't really be appreciated properly unless you've used one before. Watching that thing go into action for the first time had us in stitches of laughter.

Right now I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a quiet night though. I could really use it. And I really can't skip my afternoon nap or I really regret it later.

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Friday, May 17, 2002

Ahhhhhhhh. Now that his nose has cleared out Vic seems to be sticking to the mentioned-yesterday longer sleeping schedule. So far, we've had 11pm, 3:15am and 7:30am feedings today, or roughly every 4 hours, which is leaving me in a MUCH better mental and emotional state than a few days ago.

The night of his allergic reaction was really exhausting. Even though he wound up sleeping long and missing a feeding that night, the stress of listening to his breathing become slightly labored was so very tiring. I kept waking up to check to make sure he was still breathing and not turning blue. Not really the best way to spend the night, but perhaps reassuring that my mothering instinct is alive and well.

It's a lovely morning and Vic's asleep in his little nest of blankets on the bed while we wash out his Snuggle Nest to get all of the pollen out of his sleeping area. We did the sheets and blankets and pillow cases on the bed itself yesterday -- or I should say Mom and Sabs did, they're still in full on pamper mode where I'm concerned.

Oh, also Vic's stroller arrived yesterday courtesy of our friend Chris -- Chris, thank you SO much!! It'll be great to take Vic out with us on our walks around the neighborhood and to the store to shop.

I'm betting Mom and Sabs will put that together today, either before or after they finish up the new dining room/work room that used to be the living room. The living room is now downstairs where the office used to be and the office is up here in the landing where my desk was. This is nice for many reasons, not the least of which is that I can sit here and type and peek around the doorframe to keep an eye on Vic in the bedroom and/or hear him cry quite easily.

I watched Friends last night just for kicks but wound up missing the part I was most interested in 'cos Vic needed changing, that being the actual delivery. I was very amused by the episode however, poor Rachel having such a long labor and spending most of it in that silly bed. Tsk. I was tempted to yell at the screen a few times: "Get up and WALK girl!" Ahem. I also wonder how many hospitals still have shared rooms like that -- Alta Bates uses the LDR model -- Labor, Delivery and Recovery, which means you labor, deliver and recover immediately afterward in the same room and don't move to a long term Recovery room until at least 2 hours after the birth.

At any rate, the episode -was- funny and I laughed a lot. Later on after watching ER though I was feeling a little wiggy -- I can't watch bad stuff happening to kids anymore without correlating everything to Victor. My brain immediately starts pondering "What If" and trying to figure what I'd do if something happened to my baby bumble.

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Thursday, May 16, 2002

So Vic's been fighting off an allergic reaction to Stargazer lilies -- there were a few in my Mother's Day bouquet and Sabs had put the vase next to the bed on the nightstand on his side. Unfortunately Sabs doesn't react all that well to lily pollen either, so both my husband and my child are snuffling like small animals.

Vic's pretty much cleared out today -- he's sneezing well and getting all the gunk out of his nose. Poor Sabsy isn't doing quite so well, probably because he's being mondo and moving furniture. Man my apartment is going to look spiff when he and my Mom are through. Ho dang.

I can't believe it's been a week already -- a full week since Victor came into the world. Happy first week honey -- you're doing -so- well.

He's grown already -- I can see it, his feet are bigger and his legs are longer and of course there's the double chin. Unfortunately he's also peeling like a little snake because he's growing so fast, I've decided to ignore the advice given at the hospital about not using lotion. I just can't not put something on my poor little bumble's skin, it's so dry and so much of it is flaking off. I'm using the lotion sparingly but I -am- using it. My mom thinks that that piece of advice is pretty silly and she's a pediatric R.N. so I'm just going to quietly do what I think is right for Vic.

He's sleeping a lot more too, between feedings. He skipped another one last night and has been sticking to a 3-4 hour schedule for the past 24 hours instead of the 2-3 hour schedule. It worried me a little at first, but Mom says if he nee4ds to sleep, let him sleep as long as he's waking up every 3-4 hours or getting at least 8 feedings per day. That's fine by me if I'm getting more sleep too and he's still healthy and happy.

I've been working on the redesign for this site: I lifted a style sheet from bluerobot which I've been modifying to suit what I want for a look and feel. I'm getting the new copy of Greymatter ready -- that should go live by the weekend I hope. It's a nice clean new format, and XML compliant too, which makes my designer side happy. It's about time I started getting more swanky with the CSS.

I've got Victor in his sling now, curled up against my chest with his binky. He's all sleepy-eyed, half between sleep and wakefulness and seemingly, happy as a clam. It makes my heart swell with so many emotions to look down and see him curled there head against my arm, little face tucked into the folds of the sling.

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Tuesday, May 14, 2002

Heya Steph -- depends on who you ask:) Both the Kellehers and Sabs' mother's family, the Moniers, are boy-heavy, Mom's family is more even, ratio-wise.

I think my parents would have been just as happy either way, my MIL was gunning for a girl, but was convinced it was a boy 'cos I kept buying blue, when anyone who knows me, knows that I just like blue and would buy it for either gender. Sabs' family were taking bets and I know his aunt was betting boy too, but I don't know what the other bets were:)

Personally I'll be hoping for a girl next time, 'cos I'd love one of each, but as with this pregnancy, my real hope is always for a healthy child:) We won't be 'trying' again for at least three years as I'd like to avoid having a newborn and a toddler at the same time -- three to four years seems to be a good length of time apart to me. I am four years older than my brother Tom and he is 2.5 years older than brother Ted and I've generally felt that we had a good dynamic as siblings as a result.

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Victor, is such a good baby. He's starting to stretch his feedings out so I'm able to get 3 to 3.5 hours of sleep at a stretch instead of only 2 or 1.5. He's remarkably unfussy and when he is, he's easily satisfied by either a cuddle, application of his binky, or food. He's also starting to show interest in objects -- a co-worker of my mother's sent him this cute book about a patchwork colored elephant named Elmer, that came with a matching stuffed toy. The checker pattern in bright contrasting colors on the toy fascinates Vic and he'll follow it with his eyes, watching it with the cutest studious expression.

He's starting to nurse very well too, nice big gulps and getting plenty of hind milk. His face is plumping up and he's getting a second chin, which makes me sooooo happy. At the same time I'm starting to feel like a milk factory -- I'm HUGE. And I mean, really HUGE. 40F. Huge. Mom got me some great nursing bras the other day so I'm at least comfortable and supported but man these things are big.

I'm also starting to feel a little bit less like a walking nightgown and more like a person today -- something about getting nearly a full night of sleep. I'm actually wearing -clothes- today instead of a nightie and am contemplating a walk up to Telegraph Ave. to take in some fresh air. I've been walking a little farther every day, working the kinks out of my legs and getting comfortable with my post-partum body. I'm thankful every day that I was as healthy as I was going into the pregnancy. Being in that good shape, it's made recovery that much easier.

Yesterday I curled up in bed with the new journal that our friend Sean got me and started writing letters to Vic in it. The first one is his birth story. I'll be posting that here soon -- I have a re-design in mind for Vic's site, in fact I am thinking of closing this journal and keeping it as an archive site, and starting a new site which will focus on Victor's progress through babyhood and beyond.

I'll keep you posted:)

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Sunday, May 12, 2002

Warning: this is a very parent-speaky entry. Lots of poop and pee detail, so if you're not interested, skip it:) Here's a picture of Vic's first bath for those of y'all who aren't interested in reading about baby poop to tide you over;)

First Bath

So the past 3 hours have been a trifle anxious for me as Vic, after pooping 'ahead' of schedule in his first 24 hours, suddenly stopped passing stool and started peeing orange. The orange pee is pretty normal for newborns every now and then, but he was doing it on almost every diaper and no poop in sight.

He was also not eating quite as well -- fussy at the nipple and unlatching or pushing his hand between his face and my breast so that he'd lose latch and not be able to suck properly or put -me- in a lot of pain as a result.

Mom arrived yesterday though and we've been getting back on track since she got here. It turns out I've been overfeeding him a little -- trying too hard to get him to stay on for too long. So I've relaxed a little and am not trying to push him to nurse beyond 5 minutes per breast and we're doing a lot better.

The entire household rejoiced this morning as Vic -finally- pooped. Happy Mother's Day Bethy, your son can in fact poop! Huzzah!;)

Last night wound up being really tough because I was having some cramping and was a little sore and really wanted to lie on my back but Vic kept fussing after his 2 and 4 am feedings and wanted to cuddle so I couldn't lie back and as a result slept really badly.

Both baby and I overslept one of his feedings, but everthing is all happy and good this morning because of the poopoo.

Who'd have thought that so much joy could come about as a result of a diaper full of shit eh?;)

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Friday, May 10, 2002

Well. What a whirlwind the past few days have been! We just came home with little Victor today and are settling in nicely thanks to help from our wonderful friend Cindy. She made us a big old pot of home made chicken soup and picked us up from the hospital with her infant car seat so we didn't have to walk or split into a walking group and cab group.

I'll be posting a longer version of our birth story when I have a moment to collect my thoughts -- I'm still reeling and had a small breakdown as we sat around getting ready to leave the hospital because the sheer incredibleness of the past 48 hours finally caught up with me.

Our labor was so fast that I barely had time to realize what was going on before I was in the hospital and pushing to bring Victor into the world. I'm still blinking in surprise, in many ways every time I look down at our precious son and realize that YES, he really is real and YES I did in fact do it.

Here's some quick snapshot thoughts from my sleepy brain:

Labor was both easier and much harder than I expected. Basically we trained with a certain expectation in mind and when our situation didn't fall within those parameters some of my initial fears resurfaced. Hence I was NOT a calm laboring woman. In fact, banshee pacing around the house in a flying white robe might be a more apt description;)

Once the doctor told me I could push though, everything started to fall into place. I was able to call on our classroom training and get into the mental space that I needed to to get Vic out. It only took about 4 contractions, by Sabs' count, with four or five pushes per contraction for Vic to arrive. Again, the burning of the perineum stretching was both worse and much better than I'd expected. I thought it would pass more quickly, but it didn't hurt as much as I thought it would. All those Kegels and the massage paid off too, as did, no doubt, the use of an entire bottle of mineral oil by my OB: I did not tear and did not have an episiotomy.

I DID get a slight internal laceration -- for those of you who have been following along on the gory details: that spot where the Group B Strep test pinched is where I got the laceration. It feels about the same as the day I got the test for that matter too -- light pinching and stinging when I pee.

All in all I feel pretty good for someone who just shoved a nearly 8lb baby out in such a short time. I'm a little bruised around the base of my spine and a little sore from all the stretching, but I'm healing up well and pretty speedily.

There were times during the labor, when I still thought that we were in the early stages and it was going to get a lot worse, that I didn't think I was going to be able to get through it without any medication. Of course, as it turns out, that WAS the worst and it wasn't going to get any harder than what I was feeling, though I didn't know it at the time. I can't say enough how much relief I felt when the doctor said "Go ahead and push on your next contraction" not two minutes after they'd gotten me settled on the delivery bed. It made the horrible hour and a half of my body purging itself and contracting at the same time, worth it.

There's also no way to adequately express the joy I felt when Victor was put into my arms for the first time. He was screaming his head off, and covered with goop, but at that moment, he was the most beautiful thing in the world and I'd upchuck ten thousand meals again to have that feeling of utter happiness again too.

They took him away pretty quickly because he wasn't warming up fast enough and that hour when he was under the heating lamp was excruciating to get through. I could hear him and see him and I asked them to move the warmer nearer so he could see me too, but I couldn't touch him and I ached to hold him.

It was bliss when he was finally back in my arms again and we were left alone to recover before being moved into our recovery room.

Our doula, Islena, didn't make it for the delivery because of the speed, but she was a blessing for the aftermath, rubbing my legs and arms as the shakes took over me, helping me to stay focused and relaxed through the delivery of the placenta and the uterine massage afterward. She helped Victor to get latched on for his first feeding too and was just a wonderful calming presence who helped make those first hours after delivery go by smoothly.

The 48 hours in the hospital were a nice break, but I'm glad to be home and away from the constant check-ins and the moving in and out of roommates -- I went through three in the space of 2 days, which was nice in some ways because I had the room to myself for long periods of time after each roomie moved on to her private room, but was also tiring because each time there was a new hubbub of lights and noise interrupting our sleep and feedings and so on.

Sabs and Islena snapped off a whole roll of film during the delivery and immediately after and Sabs got it developed the very next day, so here are three shots from that roll to tide y'all over until we get more pictures developed and I have another minute to sit down and scan and write:)

Getting weighed
Victor getting weighed -- all 7 lbs 13 ounces of him:)

Eye Ointment
Under the heat lamp after getting his vitamin K and eye ointment

A New Family
Our new family: Dad, Mom and Baby Vic

Finally, thank you ALL for your lovely well wishes, we appreciate them deeply as well as all the help, love and support you have given us throughout this pregnancy and now with the arrival of our son.

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Wednesday, May 8, 2002

So, this is sabs.. beth is currently unavailable to post anything

I told her to stay home yesterday.. and we went to the park, went shopping, watched buffy and roswell, and judging Amy.. with no idea what was in store for us.

We got ready for bed, at 12:00 beth got up a bit, by 1:00 she was having a really hard time staying in bed, and her contractions had gone from 20 minutes apart (which started at midnight) to about 10 minutes apart... so we spent some time in the bathroom, she was sick and not doing so well, so I called the doc, and he had us come into the hospital. (I called at 2:10) We got to the hospital at about 2:30 or so.. went upstairs, beth wasn't doing so hot.. and she told me, "I feel like pushing" in the lobby. We went to the 3rd floor, signed in, and then we rushed her into triage..

The nurse checked her and she was 'complete' I said.. what does that mean.. she said, "she can push anytime now" Beth was 10Cm+ dialated, and +1

We barely got into the delivery room, the nurses ran all frantic.. and beth started pushing.. doctor showed up.. and at 3:05 am a beautiful boy was born.

7lbs 13 ounces
20 1/4 inches long
He was screaming before he was fully delivered.
Apgard test of 9 both times..

Victor Andre Billard was born.

I just got home, called all the appropriate people, and now I'm going to go crash, cause i haven't slept a wink

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Monday, May 6, 2002

I'm sitting in my office eating bananas and coding idly with my feet up. I actually feel pretty good today, despite struggling with the !@&*ing futon frame last night to get it all set up and ready for Mom who is due in town on Saturday.

Sabs and I were really hot, sweaty and cranky by the time we finally got the office into shape, but it is actually, finally in shape. I was a hurting puppy last night after all the yanking on the frame and the futon itself, but a hot shower fixed most of that up and the exercise tired me out nicely so that I slept like a baby -- only had to get up to pee once around 4 am and then conked out again until 7:10 when the alarm rang.

I took it nice and slow this morning too, got up, rescued Pearl from the bathroom where she'd run in to hide after my 4am trip and gave her breakfast, then had my own breakfast and folded up the baby clothes we washed last night before getting dressed. I took the bus down to BART instead of walking and hence only had 3 contractions on the way into work instead of my standard 4-8. I usually get four or so on the walk to the station and then one or two on the train itself, one when huffing after the bus after I get off the train and then one or two when climbing the hill to the office.

I got one on the way to the bus near the house, one on the train and one climbing the hill today instead. Haven't had any since I sat down at my desk either, so I'm just taking it easy and making some improvements to the code I was in such a rush to finish last week.

Almost all of the baby's things are washed now -- we did two loads last night, including the diapers. All that's left is the blankets in the bottom of the bin and some of the plushy toys that I rescued from one of my boxes of childhood items.

With the office rearranged, all we have to do now is clear books off of the upended couch frame in the bedroom and put the couch back together in the living room and we're done: all ready.

Exciting and sobering thought all at once:)

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Sunday, May 5, 2002

So Munchkin's not ready to come out yet, and really that's fine, but it would have been nice to have the babe this weekend, especially today with my doctor on call.

Instead I get to haul myself out of bed for yet another exhausting round of working days.

The sun is going down over the house next door and I'm feeling hot and tired but my mood isn't bad. We went to see SpiderMan today and it was a fun movie to see, nothing like a little bit of action-hero bubblegum to get ye olde mood up. The film was actually surprisingly good -- very character-driven, much more than just yet-another-summer-blockbuster.

Prior to the movie, our landlady and her husband came over and helped us push the car out of the driveway so we could get out their weedwhacker and our lawnmower. The lawn is in desperate need of trimming but I can't help Sabs push the car anymore, and it's deader than a doornail so we can't just pull it out of the driveway simply to get at the garden foo in the garage.

The landlady is going to weedwhack it this week and Sabs will finish it off with the mower.

After the movie, we puttered up to the local eyecare place and had an eye exam each and ordered new glasses. The good news -- my insurance covers things very nicely, so we're only paying $178 for both of us, when a pair of glasses would usually cost us that much -each-. The bad news -- only certain frames are covered 'for free' and the ones Sabs really liked cost an arm and a leg and weren't covered so we just couldn't get 'em. He settled for another pair that will be covered though the flexon frames would have been really nice to have for when Munchkin starts grabbing at eyeglasses in a few months.

This pair of glasses Sabs wanted, you could bend in half and they wouldn't snap. It was really cool.
I had eyeglass envy, I tell you, but I was a good girl too and got the 'free' frames. I'm really looking forward to getting my new pair, these old ones are actually, get this, too strong for me. My eyes have improved again, even after wearing these crappy scratched lenses for way longer than I ought. My Rx has dropped from 6.0+ in one eye and 6.5+ in the other, to 5.75+ in both. Imagine that.

The eyecare place also has a policy that will let me replace the lenses for free, within 30 days if I come in for an exam and my Rx changes due to pregnancy-related stuff. The exam would be free too -- just a checkup to make sure that being post-partum hasn't changed my eyes. Nifty huh?

I'm actually hoping now that I get these glasses before Munchkin comes. It'd be nice to be able to -really- see the baby without the fog o' scratches in front of my eyes.

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Saturday, May 4, 2002

I took advantage of the fact that we had off yesterday to stop in at the baby stores in Rockridge yesterday on my way home. I picked up a Snuggle Nest, which is a reinforced pillow, basically that we can use right in our bed for co-sleeping while Munchkin is very little. We can use this in combination with the big co-sleeper, but we both decided we'd like to have the baby right in with us for a while at first so we can take turns with late night feedings and so on.

I also picked up some little odds and ends like extra receiving blankets, two t-shirts and some booties to take the baby home in.

Today, I slept in until a blissful 10am or so, and then lounged around in bed with Sabs all curled up and chatting quietly. An out-of-town friend called around 11 and I had a nice conversation with her while Sabs padded off to pick up Shara's IV at the vet, dropped off the rent and picked up breakfast at the bakery. Then we headed out to catch Spider Man at the theater, but it was sold out so we went to see The Salton Sea with Val Kilmer instead. Quite a good movie, in a somewhat Usual Suspects kind of way, though not as twisty and turny as that film.

I'm continuing to contract regularly when walking, but only sporadically when still. I've been spotting very lightly since yesterday though, so I wonder if I'm continuing to dilate slowly and am 'leaking' my plug instead of losing it outright. I swear I can feel the dilation and effacement as very light, mild cramps right around the cervix -- it -feels- like a rubber band slowly stretching, so wouldn't that be it?

Munchkin is still very squirmy, that butt bumps out ferociously to the side, especially when Sabs pats my tummy and talks to the baby. Last night Sabs got knocked three times right in the ear when he put his head down on my abdomen to feel and listen. It was so funny to feel those three very definite taps from the inside and then see the look on Sabs' face as he felt them too from the outside.

There's only a few little things left to do to be ready. I'm nattering of course though, wanting all the loose ends tied up -- poor Sabs is trying real hard to keep an easy going attitude about it and remind me that the babe is not going to care if things are a little messy around here.

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Friday, May 3, 2002

Our CEO sent out an email about an hour ago giving us all the day off a la Ferris Bueller. The CFO also came around and gave each employee a twenty dollar bill to 'go have fun with'.

Pretty cool huh?

This on top of more good news: I had my weekly appt this morning and I'm now at 2.5 cm. All those mild little crampies and achies are clearly doing their job and getting me ready for labor. Slow, gentle progress forward.

My doctor is on call this weekend though, so I sort of have my fingers crossed for Sunday. She said I could continue as I have been for a week or more, or kiddo could pop any time. Either way, I'm moving along quite nicely.

That spot in there still bugs me when she does the internal exams, but not as much as last week and I only notice it now when I get an exam, but it is still tender down there.

I'm heading home now to spend my $20 taking my hubby out to lunch and to blissfully curl up in the glider with my crochet and maybe read or take a nap or a nice long bath or any one of a dozen relaxing things which I am quite thankful to be able to do today.

My last piece of good news: my manager has granted me two flex days for a period of time after I return from maternity leave, contingent on punctuality and the ability to meet deliverables.

I am a lucky, lucky, lucky girl.

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Thursday, May 2, 2002

The past two days have been one big achefest. My abdomen has been hardening a lot with 'pre-labor' type contractions, and it feels like the babe is very low, little head bumping against the cervix giving me that "walking with a ball between the legs" sensation.

I'm out of breath, uncomfortable sleeping and generally achey and tired tired tired.

Looking at Steph's pictures of Lauren make me happy though. I'm looking forward that soon, soon I will have my own cute pictures to post too. The baby clothes box is a constant draw. I sit there and stare through the plastic sides at all the cute little things and have to restrain myself from opening it up and going through everything again.

I'm crocheting obsessively now. Every day stitching away, around and around in circles, on a hat for Munchkin, a hat for Sabs and now back to Munchkin again after looking up some stitches to refresh my memory.

I ordered some spools of soft cotton today and downloaded a pattern to make the babe a complete outfit with: bonnet, sweater, booties, baby-shorts. I'm all excited to try to do something more sophisticated than what I've been working on so far.

Just watch me, even though I'll have to go back to work, I'm still turning into Super Domestic Mommy. I know I can't be perfect, but every domestic bone in my body is roaring right about now -- the crochet and folding clothes are my only real available outlets for all that domestic energy.

Speaking of work -- I've decided to take the full 6 weeks of leave that are available to me. With the time that my coworker gave me and the fact that unemployment benefits were voted into extension by the government, we should be okay for the extra two weeks. It's a big weight off my mind to have made that decision and to have Sabs' support for it.

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