All About Munchkin

Munchkin is the nickname of the baby that Sabs and I are expecting in May. Munchkin is our first child and we're very excited about welcoming this new little one into our lives.

I found out about Munchkin on September 12th, after taking an EPT test. I nearly keeled over when I saw the red line on the stick, but was shortly thereafter filled with gleeful happiness. I've always thought I'd have trouble conceiving due to my hypothyroidism, but, will wonders never cease, as soon as we started trying, it happened.

Munchkin is due on May 15th, 2002, carrying on a longheld Kelleher tradition of May arrivals.

The evolving story of the pregnancy and Munchkin's life to date can be found under the archives of the Munchkin Chronicle. I've also posted a Wish List which includes links to the various places I've registered for baby gear, as well as a more general list of things that we need, or like. Finally, there is a Gallery of all of Munchkin's ultrasound pictures to date.

En français pour la famille en France ...

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The Munchkin Chronicle

Munchkin has arrived!

Victor Andre was born May 8, 2002.

His further adventures are chronicled here